New World Increase Gear Score


For more entertaining and enjoyable gameplay elements in PVP, it is important that endgame players ensure that they’re keeping up with their opponents. Maintaining viability in combat is important so that you don’t risk falling behind with respect to the abilities and stats. There are several factors that affect the combat ability of a player, and one of the most important ones is the gear score.

Gear score is based on the stats of the player’s armor and weapons. It gives you an idea of what your character is capable of in terms of power. It’s quite similar to item level, where the max-level of the character sets the player apart from the others. It helps determine the player’s potential in PVP and PVE.

How to increase gear score?

You can increase your new world gear score farm, new world gear score watermark by acquiring better gear than the existing one. There are several locations to obtain powerful equipment, as well as many ways to improve the odds of getting good loots. Some of the methods include running dungeons and expeditions, completing corrupted breaches, playing outpost rush, killing elite mobs of level 60+, looting supply crates, and crafting high-level equipment.

World Events

Same as most of the MMORPGs, dungeons in New World are the best locations to obtain high-level equipment. Grinding these zones out will help improve your gear score and also keep you entertained as you explore new areas. You are required to have a tuning orb of the respective dungeon that you wish to enter. You can always acquire one yourself or ask for a friend’s help.

The corrupted breaches are also known for dropping good-quality loots. Besides that, the Outpost Rush, a domination-like PVP mode that is specifically for level 60 players is also a good way to obtain chests containing powerful items. Both these word events drop jewels, crafting supplies, armors, and weapons that can help increase the character’s gear score.

Elite Mobs

Elite Mobs drop high-quality loots depending on their level, so that means the higher the level of the mob, the better the gear score. For instance, Elite Mobs of level 61+ drop items of gear score 500 to 525, level 62+ drop items of gear score 525 to 549, level 63+ drop items of gear score 549 to 577, and level 64+ drop items of gear score 577 to 591.

Elite Chests

Elite chests can be found near enemies who are titled with a name or powerful bosses, for new world gear score farm, new world gear score watermark. They often drop loot that matches the difficulty level of the monster. It can include anything from crafting supplies to powerful weapons and armor. To increase the odds of obtaining good gear, you can choose to run through dungeons and bosses with party members or friends.

Crafting Equipment

This strategy requires a lot of preparation, but it can drastically increase the character’s gear score; however, the only downside is that you’ll need to level up your crafting skills first to improve your equipment. To be more precise, you need to focus on Armoring and Weapon Smithing to craft high-level or endgame gear.