World of Warcraft Inscription Levelling Guide


The Inscription profession was introduced in the World of Warcraft gameplay in Patch 3.0.2. The profession allows you to create various scrolls, dark moon cards, glyphs, off-hand tomes, and vellums. It also includes a gathering skill called Milling, which creates the base materials from herbs (similar to prospecting and disenchanting). The following guide will show you the simplest method to level up your inscription from 1 to 300 in the least expensive way possible. So, let’s begin this wow inscription guide!

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Approximate Materials Required

Milling is a skill that is acquired when you learn the Inscription profession for this wow inscription guide. You can use it to mill five herbs for two to four pigments, and then use the pigments to turn them into inks. You will need the following number of herbs during your progression journey – Earthroot, Peacebloom, Silverleaf (Alabaster Pigment). Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, Mageroyal, Stranglekelp, Swiftthistle (Dusky Pigment). Grave Moss, Kingsblood, Liferoot, Wild Steelbloom (Golden Pigment). Dragon’s Teeth, Fadeleaf, Goldthorn, Khadgar’s Whisker (Emerald Pigment). Arthas’ Tears, Blindweed, Firebloom, Ghost Mushroom, Gromsblood, Purple Lotus, Sungrass (Violet Pigment). Dreamfoil, Golden Sansam, Icecap, Mountain Silversage, Sorrowmoss (Silvery Pigment).

How can I locate the Inscription trainers?

You can visit any of the main cities of the old Azeroth and speak to your respective trainers to learn the Inscription profession in this shadowlands inscription leveling guide. If you aren’t able to locate them, then speak to one of the city guards to know the precise location or coordinates. The Horde faction players have the following options; Nerog in Orgrimmar, Zantasia in Silvermoon City, Margaux Parchley in Undercity, and Poshken Hardbinder in Thunder Bluff. Whereas the Alliance faction players can visit, Feyden Darkin in Darnassus, Elise Brightletter in Ironforge, and Catarina Stanford in Stormwind City.

Levelling Up

Players who are of the Nightborne class have +15 Inscription beforehand, because of their passive Ancient History skill. It means that the recipes will remain orange for fifteen more points, allowing you to save a ton of World Of Warcraft Gold by doing the lower-tier recipes for those points. Also, make sure that you purchase a Virtuoso Inking Set from the Inscription supply vendor nearby your respective trainers. If you’re wondering where to buy Light Parchment, then head to any general goods vendor or purchase it from the same vendor you bought the Virtuoso Inking Set.

Levels 1 to 100

Start by making Moonglow Ink from Alabaster Pigment till you reach level 45 in Inscription. Also, Milling provides an additional 25 skill points, so if you are milling your own herbs, then you can stop once you reach level 45 and make them only when required. Continuing; make Scroll of Recall from Moonglow Ink till level 47, and alternatively, you can also make Enchanting Vellum if there’s no use for Recall Scrolls further. Now, make Midnight Ink from Dusky Pigment till you reach level 80, and then switch to Vanishing Powder (Midnight Ink) till level 100 Inscription. If you have milled your own herbs, then turn your Verdant Pigment into Hunter’s Ink once you reach level 85, and then make as many Mysterious Tarots as you can.

Levels 100 to 150

Start by making Lion’s Ink from Golden Pigment till level 105, followed by Research: Moonglow Ink from Moonglow Ink till 109, Research: Midnight Ink from Midnight Ink till 112, and Research: Lion’s Ink from Lion’s Ink till you reach level 116 Inscription. From this point onwards, you can craft any of the discovered Glyphs, so we recommend the Glyphs that require Lion’s Ink to make. Now, make nine Glyphs discovered by Research: Lion’s Ink made from Lion’s Ink till you reach level 125 from level 116. After that, convert your Burnet Pigment into Dawnstar Ink, and make as many Strange Tarots as you can. However, if you haven’t milled your own herbs and have no Burnt Pigment stock, then make any Glyphs till you reach level 142. Finally, make eight discovered Glyphs by Research: Lion’s Ink made from Lion’s Ink to reach level 150 Inscription.

Levels 150 to 200

Start by making Jadefire Ink from Emerald Pigment till level 155, followed by Scroll of Stamina 3 from Jadefire Ink till level 160, Scroll of Versatility 3 from Jadefire Ink till level 165, Scroll of Intellect 3 from Jadefire Ink till level 170, and Scroll of Strength 3 from Jadefire Ink till level 175. Now, turn your Indigo Pigment into Royal Ink for further levels, and start making Scroll of Agility 3 from Jadefire Ink till you reach level 180. It’s time to make Research: Jadefire Ink from Jadefire Ink till level 185, and then finally, turn your Royal Inks into Arcane Tarots (any orange Glyph) till you reach level 200 Inscription.

Levels 200 to 250

Start by making Celestial Ink from Violet Pigment till level 205, followed by Scroll of Recall 3 from Celestial Ink till level 215, Scroll of Intellect 4 from Celestial Ink till level 220, and Scroll of Strength 4 from Celestial Ink till level 225. Now, turn your Ruby Pigments into Fiery Ink and start crafting Scroll of Agility 4 from Celestial Ink till level 230, Research: Celestial Ink from Celestial Ink till level 233, and finally, make as many Shadowy Tarots as you can from the collected Fiery Inks (any orange Glyph).

Levels 250 to 300

For the final levels, you can start by making Shimmering Ink from Silvery Pigment till you reach level 255, followed by Scroll of Versatility 5 from Shimmering Ink till level 260, Scroll of Intellect 5 from Shimmering Ink till level 265, Scroll of Strength 5 from Shimmering Ink till level 270, and Scroll of Agility 5 from Shimmering Ink till level 275. Now, turn your Sapphire Pigments into Ink of the Sky, and make Research: Shimmering Ink (any orange Glyph) from Shimmering Ink till you reach level 290. Finally, make Scroll of Stamina 5 from Shimmering Ink to cover the last ten levels.