World of Warcraft Addiction: Why is it so Addictive?

I’m sure everyone has heard of the game World of Warcraft, but some people don’t realize that people become obsessed with the game. It becomes more than just a game and turns into a world of warcraft addiction. A world of warcraft addiction is similar to other addictions only of course not as serious as drug addiction or alcoholism addiction. Why is World of Warcraft so addicting? If you haven’t played world of warcraft you wouldn’t know the answer to this question, but people who play the game will tell you that it is very time-consuming.

The reason why the world of warcraft is so addicting is that it is an alternative world where reality is not present. It is a powerful world with no boundaries. This is important to note because in our everyday lives we have boundaries and consequences, but in World of Warcraft, there are no limits. People can do extraordinary things in the game that couldn’t be done in real life. You are given the chance to replace your life with perhaps a more interesting and dangerous life filled with adventure and action, but this isn’t the only reason World of warcraft is addicting.

World of Warcraft requires a lot of time as I said earlier, so much in fact that it takes months to achieve one of the biggest goals which are being the highest level, but are being the highest level really the end? The answer is no and that is another reason why people develop a world of Warcraft addiction. There is no end! After you have achieved the highest level there is still work to be done. In a sense becoming the highest level is just a start. That is where all the fun begins for the world of Warcraft players. The fact is that World of Warcraft never gets old or boring. There is always something to be done and always a way to have fun on the game.

World of Warcraft addictions has become so severe that people are dying because of their uncontrollable addiction to the game. People will play World of Warcraft for not just hours but days! This is an example of someone who died from World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is a very popular game that draws more attention from gamers. Like any other addiction World of Warcraft can also create side effects. People with an addiction to the game are likely to suffer from a withdrawal addiction.

World of Warcraft: Getting Started

World of Warcraft and other online games have their own systems and rules. They’re much different than games that are solely played by a single player. Upon entering World of Warcraft, you might be just a little bit overwhelmed or lost as to what you’re supposed to be doing, where you’re supposed to be going, and what the point is? In this guide, I’ll show you a few quick start tips to get you used to the game we all love to play – World of Warcraft (WoW)!
The Environment in World of Warcraft is pretty much a cooperative thing, at least when you start. All of the players around you are going to be doing the same things you are. They’ll be hunting monsters, completing quests and getting their rewards and levels. This means that you already have some sort of help built in by just using the players around you. They won’t let you down. One of the things that makes the experience of World of Warcraft so special is that you’re always going to have somebody that’s willing to offer a helping hand or some advice. While it’s true that there are exceptions to the rule, you’ll find that most players will go along with you if you need something (as long as it’s not too much!). Try asking around if you have questions that aren’t covered in this guide.

World of Warcraft is a journey, that’s based on leveling up and acquiring new gear and special treasures for you character. In World of Warcraft, one primary way to get a lot of experience and level up quicker is to do quests. Quest givers are strategically placed throughout the World of Warcraft and they appear to you with a bright yellow exclamation point above their head. This means that they have a task for you, or a WoW “quest” as they call them in the game. That character will give you things to do, then you complete them and when you come back they’ll likely have extra experience or some better equipment you can use to strengthen your character. These quests aren’t only present during the beginning stages of World of Warcraft, but they are an integral part of the game. When playing World of Warcraft, using these to your advantage will often provide you with rare equipment that cannot be found anywhere else. Just remember, if you see the exclamation point above somebody’s head…talk to them!

When you’re completing quests or hunting creatures, it’s important to realize that there is a sort of set of rules that applies to the World of Warcraft game. If you see somebody heading for a certain creature or “mob”, you should leave that one alone. You’ve already realized that they’re going after that mob and they’re probably completing a quest. For you to walk in and attack it first would be known as “kill stealing”. In World of Warcraft, while nothing is off limits in the game, this kind of activity is looked upon unfavorable and could get you a bad reputation in the game. Think about it. If you only needed one more of that kind of creature for your quest, and somebody saw you going for it but stepped in first, you’d be a little angry. Now you’ll have to spend more of your World of Warcraft playing time sitting around and wait for another one. Underlying rules and guidelines like this one are what makes the World of Warcraft community so special. Please think twice before you attack a mob.

The Absolutely Hardest Runescape Skills to Get Level 99 In

Let’s face it; getting a level 99 in any skill in Runescape is extremely difficult, but Runescape has made some even more insanely difficult. Following are the hardest Runescape skills to get a level 99 in that’ll take eons and or leave you broke in Runescape.

Prayer is a Runescape skill that is very rewarding if you have a high level, but Prayer is an extremely mind-numbingly expensive skill to train. Even if you have a marble alter in your home with two burners (which gives a significant Prayer XP bonus), Prayer will still cost hundreds of millions to train and take quite a while to level up to 99 in.


Construction is often thought as an easy skill because it can be bought, but to buy a 99 in Construction, you’ll definitely have to spend an excessive amount of time raising the funds for this expensive skill. Even worse, the Construction skill doesn’t provide many benefits over level 80 – which will still take quite a few million to attain.


If you are looking for the best way to waste both time and money in Runescape, take the Hunter level 99 challenge. Getting a level 99 in Hunter will cost several hundred million gp and not only will level Hunter to 99 cost all of your Runescape funds, it’ll also require lots of time set traps and catch hunted animals.


I love the benefits of the Herblore skill, but I hate leveling Herblore with a passion. Herblore will require you to acquire vials and fill them with water, find and clean herbs, and collect hard to find secondary ingredients – and after going through the pain to find all of the Herblore ingredients, you’ll be forced to combine them all. If you try to train Herblore to a 99 without buying ingredients, you’ll grow old and die before you hit level 99, but if you decide to buy the ingredients needed to get a 99 skill cape in Herblore, you’ll be paying for one of the most expensive skills in Runescape.


Farming isn’t one of the most difficult skills to get a 99 in because it’s expensive – though it can be – but due to the fact that it is one of the Runescape skills that can’t be rushed and is actually the longest taking skill in Runescape. To level up in farming, you’ll have to plant seeds around Runescape and actually have to wait real world time for those seeds to grow – which will take eons.

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Dragon Age: Origins is BioWare’s Best RPG Yet

Released on November 3, 2009 for the PC, Playstation 3 and X-Box 360, Dragon Age: Origins is the latest role-playing work of art from BioWare. The game has received 9/10 from Game Informer and a 9.5/10 from GameSpot, while Game Pro reviews the game saying, “BioWare has once again struck RPG gold.” Dragon Age: Origins has over 100 hours of game play and is a must-have for an true RPG fan. It has an engrossing story, complex moral decisions and choices, unique battle system, and an unforgettable cast. This game is highly recommended for adults and is targeted more towards RPG players than the casual gamer.
Prices and Rating

Dragon Age: Origins can be bought for the Playstation 3 and the X-Box 360 for $59.99. There is also a Playstation 3 Collector’s Edition sold for $74.99 that comes with a steel case, bonus DVD, cloth map, and three pieces of in-game exclusive content that otherwise must be bought separately and downloaded. The game is available for the PC at the price of $49.99 or the Digital Deluxe Edition can be downloaded for the price of $64.99. This version comes with three pieces of armor and weaponry as well as the three in-game exclusive content pieces sold in the Collector’s Edition for the PS3. Dragon Age: Origins is rated M for Mature, for blood, intense violence, language, partial nudity, and sexual content. Due to its heavy graphics, the game has received the highest ratings on the PC version, followed by the Playstation 3 and lastly the X-Box, with claims that the graphics are too tightly compressed and the color has been washed out.

The Story

This dark, heroic fantasy role-playing game follows the journey of your created character. Recruited into a group known as the Grey Wardens, your character is tasked with the job of saving the world from an unstoppable evil that is known only as the Darkspawn. The game begins with the player choosing one of six origin stories for their character, each game beginning different and several hours in length. Players can choose between humans, elves and dwarfs and depending on the character, NPCs will react differently. For example, an elf is often viewed as second class by humans. As the story advances, your character can take on many side quests, given by your own team as well as townsfolk met throughout the journey.

The Cast

The game has an extensive and unique cast of characters that can join the war against Darkspawn. There are human mages, an elf, dwarf, a stone golem, and even a war dog. Each character contributes something different and useful in combat and can be rotated through, depending on the needs of the situation. NPCs also talk to one another while your group is traveling, which often makes for humorous moments, such as your fellow Grey Warden, Alistair, talking with the war dog. How you chose to interact with your team also effects their future, as for example, if they become upset enough times they will leave your side, or in some cases you can even forbid one from joining your cause. Dragon Age: Origins also deals with romance. Whether you are playing a male or female character, there are several choices, including an elf named Zevren, who is a romantic option, regardless of the gender you choose.

The Battle System

Players can choose between three classes, that of warrior, mage and rogue, each offering different fighting styles, spells and weapon uses. These include dual swords, archery, two handed weapons, sword and shield, elemental based abilities, as well as restorative ones. The battles themselves can be handled in a number of different fashions. The player can pause, zoom the map out and make each action for every character, down to which enemy they attack or which ability or item is used. Another choice is to utilize the pre-set characteristics, where character 1 will use X attack when threatened by Y enemy. The strategy to battle is very complex and engaging and when fights are won, they feel very gratifying.

Making a New Character in Zentia and First Impressions

Today I will begin my first look at the in-development MMORPG known as Zentia, currently in its closed beta status, by creating a new character and running through the beginning stages of the game. Zentia seems to be a fantasy based MMORPG developed by ChangYou. Opening up the interface of Zentia to begin greets me with a friendly user interface, fairly easy to use, with little hindrance in modifying the settings to run the game the way I want to. Starting my new character greets me with a cheery anime/cartoon graphical style, seems kid friendly.
For my new character I want to create, I have chosen the Dark Revenant character type, with the character name Mr-Tee. I start off in an introductory area, a tutorial island of sorts, with some tutorial characters and a little popup that starts to walk me through the first actions I will be undertaking in this new world of Zentia. The tutorial begins with simply explaining the point and click movement and camera interface, and quest collection and turn in system, all of which are very streamlined.

My real quest given to me by the Longevity Immortal (one of the tutorial characters) requires that I chase down and kill a spirit bunny. The purpose of this mission is to teach me the navigation system. An interesting feature of Zentia is the autopath system, where clicking an objective within the quest log lays down a series of yellow arrows guiding the player to their target. This is a unique feature, not often found in other MMORPGs to my knowledge. After using it just a couple times for the purpose of this simple mission, I feel as though I’m already in love with the autopath system. Personally I have spent many long ours wasted away searching for a particular quest giver I’m tasked to turn in or creep I’m supposed to kill, to in WoW or other similar games.

Another great automatic feature shown to me next is the ability to press the “Z” key on your keyboard to have your Zentia character automatically run to, and loot nearby corpses. Retrieving a fox tail from the newly spawned spirit foxes for the mission I have just received from the Luck Immortal (another tutorial NPC) gives me an example of this auto-loot option in action, another cool time saver. Finishing the quest sends me to the first real area of the game, wrapping up my short introductory period with my new character in the training island.