The Absolutely Hardest Runescape Skills to Get Level 99 In

Let’s face it; getting a level 99 in any skill in Runescape is extremely difficult, but Runescape has made some even more insanely difficult. Following are the hardest Runescape skills to get a level 99 in that’ll take eons and or leave you broke in Runescape.

Prayer is a Runescape skill that is very rewarding if you have a high level, but Prayer is an extremely mind-numbingly expensive skill to train. Even if you have a marble alter in your home with two burners (which gives a significant Prayer XP bonus), Prayer will still cost hundreds of millions to train and take quite a while to level up to 99 in.


Construction is often thought as an easy skill because it can be bought, but to buy a 99 in Construction, you’ll definitely have to spend an excessive amount of time raising the funds for this expensive skill. Even worse, the Construction skill doesn’t provide many benefits over level 80 – which will still take quite a few million to attain.


If you are looking for the best way to waste both time and money in Runescape, take the Hunter level 99 challenge. Getting a level 99 in Hunter will cost several hundred million gp and not only will level Hunter to 99 cost all of your Runescape funds, it’ll also require lots of time set traps and catch hunted animals.


I love the benefits of the Herblore skill, but I hate leveling Herblore with a passion. Herblore will require you to acquire vials and fill them with water, find and clean herbs, and collect hard to find secondary ingredients – and after going through the pain to find all of the Herblore ingredients, you’ll be forced to combine them all. If you try to train Herblore to a 99 without buying ingredients, you’ll grow old and die before you hit level 99, but if you decide to buy the ingredients needed to get a 99 skill cape in Herblore, you’ll be paying for one of the most expensive skills in Runescape.


Farming isn’t one of the most difficult skills to get a 99 in because it’s expensive – though it can be – but due to the fact that it is one of the Runescape skills that can’t be rushed and is actually the longest taking skill in Runescape. To level up in farming, you’ll have to plant seeds around Runescape and actually have to wait real world time for those seeds to grow – which will take eons.

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