World of Warcraft Addiction: Why is it so Addictive?

I’m sure everyone has heard of the game World of Warcraft, but some people don’t realize that people become obsessed with the game. It becomes more than just a game and turns into a world of warcraft addiction. A world of warcraft addiction is similar to other addictions only of course not as serious as drug addiction or alcoholism addiction. Why is World of Warcraft so addicting? If you haven’t played world of warcraft you wouldn’t know the answer to this question, but people who play the game will tell you that it is very time-consuming.

The reason why the world of warcraft is so addicting is that it is an alternative world where reality is not present. It is a powerful world with no boundaries. This is important to note because in our everyday lives we have boundaries and consequences, but in World of Warcraft, there are no limits. People can do extraordinary things in the game that couldn’t be done in real life. You are given the chance to replace your life with perhaps a more interesting and dangerous life filled with adventure and action, but this isn’t the only reason World of warcraft is addicting.

World of Warcraft requires a lot of time as I said earlier, so much in fact that it takes months to achieve one of the biggest goals which are being the highest level, but are being the highest level really the end? The answer is no and that is another reason why people develop a world of Warcraft addiction. There is no end! After you have achieved the highest level there is still work to be done. In a sense becoming the highest level is just a start. That is where all the fun begins for the world of Warcraft players. The fact is that World of Warcraft never gets old or boring. There is always something to be done and always a way to have fun on the game.

World of Warcraft addictions has become so severe that people are dying because of their uncontrollable addiction to the game. People will play World of Warcraft for not just hours but days! This is an example of someone who died from World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is a very popular game that draws more attention from gamers. Like any other addiction World of Warcraft can also create side effects. People with an addiction to the game are likely to suffer from a withdrawal addiction.